Improve Reliability

Reduce "Time to React" by setting up alerts on all VMs within a region/VPC/subnet in seconds. Coming soon: health checks, autoscale

Optimize Costs

View all resources in one place, identify opportunities to de-clutter. Coming soon: Scheduler to auto start-stop VMs, identify unused disks, ips and purge in 1-click

Improve Security

Review network settings, security group rules. Coming soon: Perform security scans, view security alerts right with-in network diagram .

Three easy steps


01 Simple Sign-up

Requires just your company name and email-id. You get to a sample network diagram right away

02 Add AWS Details

Straight forward steps, including a 1-click option to create minimal permission credentials

03 Ready to explore!

View your network diagram in minutes

Comprehensive view of your cloud setup

CloudAccel reverse engineers your aws setup and automatically generates network diagram in minutes. You get the visibility, insights to review and improve architecture, security, and optimize usage.

All major resources in one view

Drag-n-Drop setup Alerts

Resource properties in

More controls on the way


The one tool to Master your AWS setup and get more out of your cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

What details are used to build my AWS Network diagram?

In current version, our platform requests access-key, secret-key with minimal permissions. A 1-click option is provided that simplifies the process of creating access-key, secret-key. More options will be available very soon

Is it possible to view latest changes in my AWS account after initial import?

Yes. A daily scheduled update keeps the network diagram up to date. In addition, network diagram can be updated on demand

Is it true, can I setup CPU alarms at VPC level?

Yes. Alerts can be setup not just at VM level, but at region, VPC, subnet levels. Alerts setup at region/VPC/subnet level are automatically applied to all child VMs

What is the cost of the service?

As with AWS EC2 Pricing tool we offer, CloudAccel Network diagram is free of cost. No credit card is required to sign-up

We have more questions on our cloud setup

You could request a complimentary no obligation evalution of your AWS architecture, cost and security Cloud Evaluation

Upgrade from manual, out-of-date network diagrams!

You have long been dependent on manually drawn network diagrams, that quickly go out of date. With CloudAccel get you network diagram in minutes and automatically keep it up-to-date!