Product Features


Design Visually

Design complex applications in minutes by specifying your source repo, drag and drop the required services

Service Catalog

Easily select and add from available Databases, Queues and several services to your applications. Perform auto installation and auto configuration

Application Reports

Make use of the centralized application logs, reports by API calls, frequency and runtime errors

1-Click Deploy

Launch complex multi-tiered applications with a single click. Provide self-service catalog to Dev, QA and Demo teams

Ops Console

Node and service level details, controls and CPU memory usage charts using the Visual Ops Console

Image Management

Images with versioning, Golden image, automated patches and upgrades

Cloud Usage Reports

View usage reports breakdown by accounts, users, regions and services


Utilize automated builds, testing, deployments and customizable email approvals

How CloudAccel Works

Setup your cloud provider

Or use our sandbox for testing.

Add your source repo

Drag & Drop other required services

Start your Application

Use 1-Click start to provision all required resources, configure and start your application in an isolated and secure environment

Inspect and Operate

View status and execute console commands at the click of a button


Billing, Usage, Network reports with drilldown by various dimensions

Why CloudAccel

> Productivity

Boost your DevOps, SysAdmins and IT's productivity with Visual Design

> Instant Deployment

Deploy complex applications using our 1-Click Deployment instantly. Service Catalog gives the flexibility to build complex applications faster than ever. Maintenance-free operation

> What is CloudAccel?

CloudAccel is an Instant DevOps Platform that lets DevOps, sysadmins visually design entire IT and achieve automated operations in minutes. The platform simplifies IT activities from network, build, deploy to scaling, monitoring, backup, failover and plugins. Get started for free!

> Why should I choose CloudAccel?

CloudAccel lets your Devops and Sysadmins setup, operate, change applications in minutes with out of box best practices. CloudAccel manages lifecycle of all components in your IT, saving your team from manual toil, allowing them to focus more on innovation

"Since taking up CloudAccel, we have not been interrupted with manual IT chores. All our 20 services are configured to auto-scale with load, saving over 65% in cloud costs" - Bloomz

> How can my company get started?

Your Dev, Sysadmin or DevOps teams may sign-up and enrol in our private beta. Contact us for details

Service Catalog

Customize your applications using databases, queues, caching, cron etc. Add them instantly without manually installing or configuring